The Conversation Sheet

Learn to use the Conversation Sheet and recognise incoming speech

The conversation sheet is where output signs and recognised incoming speech are shown. You can always find it in the lower third of the home screen.

Conversation data is not saved and persisted between app sessions. This means that the conversation is cleared when you close the app.

Viewing the Conversation Full Screen

To view the conversation sheet in full screen mode, just swipe up on it to cover the home screen.

When you are done, swipe down again to return it to its default position.

Clearing the Sheet

To clear the conversation sheet, press the “Clear Conversation” button at the bottom of the conversation.

If you aren’t able to see it, swipe up on the conversation sheet and scroll down until you can.

Sharing a Conversation Line

To share a conversation line on your smart device, just press and hold on the text or symbol for that line.

The share menu for your device should then appear to allow you to share the text.

Recognising Incoming Speech

To recognise incoming speech, press the microphone button overlaid onto the conversation sheet. Recognised speech will immediately stream into the conversation sheet as soon as it is heard.

Please note that this feature requires your smart device to have a strong internet connection to work.