Why BrightSign?

Current technology to allow people with hearing or speech disabilities to communicate just isn't good enough and doesn't fit many of their needs. That's why we have put so much time and effort into making BrightSign as customisable and flexible as possible.


There are over 100 commonly used sign languages in the world, and thousands more personal variations. We support any sign language - even your own one!


With over 180 voice choices, as well as options for different speeds and tone you can make BrightSign sound exactly as you want; whether male, female, young or old.


Why stick to only speaking in one language? BrightSign has real-time translation and speaks over 30 languages, so you can speak with anyone from anywhere.


It isn't enough to just translate signs into speech - our voice recognition technology lets you read or see the other side of the conversation too, in any language you choose.

Translate from any sign...

One of the biggest problems with existing solutions for those with hearing and speech disabilities is the fact that they all assume that everyone is the same. They are wrong. With over 100 different formal sign languages being used in the world, and thousands more individual variations and sign systems, it simply isn't good enough to support one or two languages and call it done. BrightSign allows you to teach it ANY sign language library that you can think of, even one that you have made up yourself.

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...into any language.

Why should a signer be limited to any one traditional spoken language for their communication? You're right - they shouldn't. BrightSign lets users use more than 30 different languages to translate their signs to in real time while signing, even if they don't know the language themselves. With both spoken and text output, we even allow languages with different alphabets, like Arabic or Mandarin.

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We are trying as hard as we can to price our gloves affordably so they can be available to as many people who need them as possible. If you have a disability, you may be able to ask your employer, school or local authority to either provide a glove for you or for a grant to purchase one.

Single Glove

For parents and individuals

£ 945

  • Train Any Sign
  • 30+ Languages Supported
  • 180+ Voice Options
  • Companion Mobile App
  • 48h Email Support
  • Next-Day Shipping

Bulk Orders

For business, governement and education.

£ -

  • Train Any Sign
  • 15 Languages Supported
  • Voice Options
  • Companion Mobile App
  • 48h Email Support
  • Bulk Discounts

So why are we doing it?

Imagine a parent hearing the words ‘I love you’ from their deaf child for the first time. Imagine a speech-disabled patient having private conversations with his doctor without a translator in the room. Imagine a deaf person walking into a coffee shop and being able to order their own coffee without needing help from a friend.

That's why.

Our Team

We are a motivated team with expertise in design, programming and technology who dedicated years of research to develop technology that one day, may give a voice to those who cannot speak.

Our App is Out!

When we asked our users, they all agreed on one thing - that the glove had to be as weightless and invisible as possible. So, we created a companion app to work with the glove, so that there is no more need for a bulky screen on your wrist. Our app is available on the Android and iOS App Stores, and you can get to it using the buttons below.

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