Getting Started

Getting Started with your new BrightSign glove

This guide covers the basics of setting up your new BrightSign glove, by connecting it to your smartphone or iPad (your smart device), calibrating it to your hand, and teaching it your signs.

Before starting, make sure you’ve properly charged your smart device and your glove with the included micro-USB cable. Note that no light is shown on the glove while it is plugged in.

Getting Set Up

To start, open the BrightSign app. If you’ve not downloaded it yet, you can get it completely free on the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store - just search for BrightSign, or use the links on our website.


Turn the glove on by pressing the black button on the wrist, and then start the pairing process with your smart device from the app. Then, once the app starts looking for your glove, hold it to the back of your smart device. On larger devices like iPads and tablets, you might need to move the glove around to ensure that it lines up with the Bluetooth chip in your smart device.

If you want to use the included TOKK™ speaker when signing, to pair it with your smart device, you should follow the normal procedure for connecting a Bluetooth speaker. This will depend on the make and model of your phone or iPad, but is usually found within your Bluetooth settings.


Once paired, you can begin calibration. After pressing start in the app, try and stretch your fingers out, then crunch them up, before rotating your hand into every position you can. When you’re done, just press stop - and you completed the initial set up process. Don’t worry if there are some positions you can’t reach, or if you have trouble bending your fingers - this process is all about teaching BrightSign your full range of motion.

If you ever want to connect your glove to a new device, you will need to perform these steps again on that device. You can see that your glove is connected by checking if the small dot in the top left hand corner has turned green.

Now, you're ready to teach BrightSign your first sign.

Training a Sign

Navigate to the Sign Library screen, using the bottom bar, and then press Add Sign.

Type in whatever phrase or word corresponds to the sign you want to add. For example, if your sign means “Coffee, please”, type that in. When you’re ready, press the button to record the sign and then perform it. As soon as you've finished the sign, hit stop.

That’s it! You’ve taught BrightSign your first sign. You can now build up your library of signs or gestures just like this.

Use your voice!

Lastly, you can now use BrightSign as your voice. Back on the Translate screen, press the big button in the centre of the screen and perform your sign. Press it again to stop...and it will say whatever you signed!

BrightSign only needs one example of each sign, meaning you can quickly build up your vocabulary to start using it. By adapting to every user’s motor abilities and sign language individually, it can support you, whatever your range of motion or signs.