Basic Glove Functions

Learn how to turn BrightSign on and off, and trigger signing

Turning the Glove On

To turn the glove on, when it is charged, push the button firmly once. The button does not need to be held down. The light on the top should begin flashing.

If the glove does not turn on when the button is pressed, ensure that it is fully charged and then try again.

Turning the Glove Off

While the glove is turned on, press and hold the button firmly for 3 seconds or more. Once the glove turns off the light will no longer flash.

If the glove does not turn off once you release the button, it is likely that you did not hold down it for long enough. In this case, just try to turn it off again.

Triggering Signing

While the glove is turned on, the button can be pressed firmly and quickly to start or stop sign recognition.

The glove must be connected to the app for this to work.