Settings - My Voice

Learn about how to choose your voice

To access the “My Voice” settings page, first press on the gear icon on the top right hand corner of the home screen. Then tap on “My Voice” in the list of available settings categories.

You can select a different voice by narrowing down the list of available options by making selections from a set of dropdown menus.

First, you must select the language that you will use with BrightSign. This might not be the same language that the app interface is in for you.

Next, you can select the accent variation of that language. Some languages only have one accent variation available - in these cases, the accent will be automatically selected for you.

Then, you can select the gender of the voice that you want. Some languages only have one gender available - in these cases, that gender will be automatically selected for you.

For language and accent pairs that have different age options, you can next select whether you want an adult, child or elderly voice. Only some languages have these variations, so if yours doesn’t, the “adult” option will be selected automatically.

Lastly, you can choose the name of the voice that you want to use. Speech is generated by an AI system that is based on real human voices, so all of our voices are named after people.

Choose one and then press the “Select” button to continue.

If you are interested in having yours or a family member's voice available in the app (don’t worry, it will only be available for you), please get in touch with us to discuss our affordable bespoke voice options.