Translating Your Signs

Translate your signs into speech with BrightSign

Selecting the Sign Library

You can select which of your sign libraries you want to use using the sign library selector, at the bottom of the main section of the home page.

When you first use the BrightSign Glove app, the default library called “My Library” will be selected automatically.

The app will remember which library you had selected last when you next open it, so you don’t need to worry about switching back and forth every time you start using BrightSign again.

Starting and Stopping Signing

To start and stop sign recognition, just press the big “sign action button” in the centre of the home screen.

How recognition works will depend on the sign matching mode that you have selected in the My Glove settings menu.

Closest Match

In the closest match mode, you should press the action button, perform your sign and then press the action button again.

The app will then attempt to find the item in your library that is the closest match to the incoming data.

The app is guaranteed to provide output with this matching mode, corresponding to the most similar sign you have added. This means that it is appropriate even for users that are not consistent when signing.

Real-Time Match (β)

In the new beta real-time match mode, you should press the action button and then perform your signs in sequence. The glove will look for matching signs continuously, providing output as soon as a sign is recognised. Press the action button again when you have finished to stop signing.

This mode is currently in beta and we expect performance to improve over time.

When using the real-time match mode, your signs must be sufficiently consistent and similar to the provided examples in order for the sign to be matched and output.

This means that this mode is therefore sometimes not appropriate for users that are not such consistent and fluent signers.