Taking Care of Your Glove

Learn how to look after your glove - what you can do and what to avoid

Water Resistance

The main textile portion of the glove can be considered to be water resistant (including the enclosed stretch sensors) from the tips of the fingers to the base of the enclosure. While the inertial sensor on the back of the hand is splash-proof, the wrist enclosure is not waterproof and should be kept dry when possible.

While we recommend minimising the amount of water that goes near the glove, the textile portion can be submerged carefully either during use or for cleaning.

Please note that water damage is not covered by the warranty.


If the textile portion of the glove gets dirt or food on it, it is best cleaned immediately using either a damp cloth or alcohol wipes. The outside of the enclosure can also be cleaned in this way.

If necessary, taking care not to submerge the inertial sensor on the back of the hand, and avoiding getting water on or in the wrist enclosure, the textile portion of the glove can be cleaned with warm soapy water. It should then be hung to dry with the wrist enclosure above the rest of the glove (i.e. hanging from the very end of the wrist).

The wrist enclosure casing cannot be removed for cleaning.

Deep Cleaning

While it is not possible for customers to remove the wrist enclosure themselves, BrightSign and its regional partners are able to safely temporarily remove and replace the electronics in order to give the glove a full deep clean and machine wash.

Prices for this may vary depending on your territory - please get in touch with us or our partners for more information or to book a clean.

Technical Issues

If you face any technical issues with your glove, the first step is always to attempt to turn it off and back on again. If the glove does not turn on when the button is pressed, please ensure that it has been fully charged using a working outlet.

If you face any further issues, please get in touch with us using the support information on our website.