Charging Your Glove

Learn how to plug in and charge BrightSign

To charge your glove, take the included micro-USB cable and insert the male micro connector into the port on the rear of the glove enclosure. Ensure that the connector is fully inserted and does not wiggle around. Plug the other end of the USB cable (the Type A connector) into the supplied USB wall outlet adapter, or into a battery bank or alternative USB charging device.

Please note that the light does not turn on while the glove is plugged in.

Charging takes less than 3 hours to complete when the glove is completely discharged.

The glove requires 1 amp (1A) of current to charge. Please ensure that if you are not using the supplied USB wall outlet adapter, your alternative is compatible.

For safety reasons, you should never use a USA wall adapter in a European or United Kingdom socket, even using an adapter. This is because European and UK mains power runs at a much higher voltage than in the USA. Please use a compatible EU or UK plug to charge when abroad.