Needs Assessments

Assistive technology assessment sessions for those with special needs.

The Process

We understand that not all technologies are appropriate for everyone - particularly when it comes to those with different abilities. As a result, in selected regions, we are now offering technology assessment services in conjunction with our local partners, to be able to check suitability and recommend the tech that suits your needs the best.


Tell us about your needs and engage us to help you find the tech that suits you the best.


Sit down with us for an in-person or virtual interview to discuss your specific requirements.


We make our assessment based on your needs and all of the options available to you.


We deliver our report and recommendation as to the best tech that you could benefit from.

Why Assessments

With different assistive technology products catering to different market segments, and with every product offering wildly different levels of customisation, it isn’t always clear what solution would be best for your needs. That’s where we come in. We undertake a comprehensive assessment to work out your needs and preferences, and then work with you to establish what options would suit you the best - whether that is one of our own products, or someone else’s.

As a part of the community developing and testing some of the most advanced assistive technology in the world, we are best-placed to be able to make recommendations based on everything that is on offer. Get in touch with us to book an assessment today.

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Approval Process

Acquiring Technology

We understand that many people are unable to afford to buy the technology on their own that they need to live their lives to the fullest. As a part of our service, we are able to match you with donors, nonprofits and public sector organisations that can help you get to the tech that you need - often at a reduced or at no cost to yourself and your family. Get in touch now to find out how we can help.

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