Train a Sign

Learn how to teach your BrightSign glove your signs

In this guide, you will learn how to teach the BrightSign glove your signs.

Make sure you’ve followed our other guides or tutorials to set up and pair your glove with your phone or iPad.

Once everything is turned on and connected, you are ready to teach BrightSign your signs.

Adding a Sign

Navigate to the “Sign Library” screen, using the bottom bar, and then press “Add Sign”.

Type in whatever phrase or word corresponds to the sign you want to add. If the sign you want to add means "Coffee, please" (for example), you should type that in now. Next, when you’re ready, press the button to record the sign and then perform it, before hitting stop.

You can now build up your library of signs or gestures just like this. As you’ve seen, BrightSign only needs one example of each sign, meaning you can quickly build up your own vocabulary.