Backing Up Your Signs

Using BrightSign's cloud sign library backup

In this guide, you will learn how to use one of our less-known features; cloud backups for your sign library.

The BrightSign app allows you to back up your signs to our secure cloud, encrypted with a unique back-up ID. When you back up your signs, you’ll be given this key, and you need it again to restore your signs onto a new device.

Make sure you’ve followed our other guides or tutorials to set up and pair your glove with your phone or iPad. This tutorial also requires you to have your smart device connected to the internet - so please connect it to WiFi if you don’t have a fast data connection.

Backup & Restore

Once everything is turned on and connected, in order to start the back-up process, select "Back Up Library" from the three-dot menu in the top right corner.

After a moment of uploading your library, you’ll see your unique backup ID shown on the screen. Make sure to write it down and keep it safe, as if you lose it, we aren’t able to recover the back-up for you.

To restore your sign library on a new device, first follow the instructions to pair and calibrate your glove with that device. Then from the main screen, select Restore Library in the three-dot menu. Type in the unique code you were given when you backed up your signs and press Restore. Once the dialog has disappeared, you are ready to use your old library again!

This process doesn’t have to just be used in case you lose or break your phone or iPad. You can also use it to transfer your signs to another device, for example if you upgraded your phone.